Pest Control

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Pest Control

Pest Control Image.png

Pest Control is a co-operative combat minigame. Players must band together to defend the Void Knight from monsters and to destroy the portals from which the monsters spawn. Players will board the pest control boat, which will then transfer them to the pest control island. The minimum players required to start a game of pest control is 3.

This minigame is safe; you will NOT lose items if you die.

Accessing Pest Control

To access pest control, simply clock on the sC6Ympd.png on your map. Select the AREAS tab, and then select the pest control option.



Equipment & Strategies

  • Players can use any type of armor, weapons, spells, or inventory that they want.
  • It is highly recommended to talk and communicate with the other players to decide which portal you want to destroy first.
  • Simply go from portal to portal as a team until you destroy all 4 portals.
  • Please do not leave Near-Reality and let others do all the work.