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Welcome to the Near-Reality Wiki!

This is the official Near-Reality wikipedia we are working hard to provide you all the information needed to help make your experience on Near-Reality even better! This wiki is maintained by the Wiki Editors. We hope this information is what'd you'd expect, and if you have any suggestions or concerns/complaints feel free to PM any of our Wiki Editors.

  • Number of pages: 971
  • Number of files: 233
  • Number of active users: 2
  • Number of edits: 5,575

Staff Vs. World - Ended


I would like to announce our first Staff vs. World event coming this Saturday, April 4th. The Staff vs. World event starts at 4PM EST and goes until 6PM EST. This will include all of the staff members that are around during this time. It will be much like a Juggernaut event, where we can fight back, we will have enhanced HP and some of the best equipment in the game.

Wiki Announcements

  • The wiki got a complete overhaul for the new v13 launch!
  • We're currently working on making the wiki pages more organized and cleaner.
  • Working on implementing a new report misinformation system for users.
  • A new format for all equipment and items.