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Combat Level 725
Hitpoints 1500
Attack Style EOPdD0k.png 3BPVmHo.png ZmeHvNO.png
Max Hit --
Slayer Points ---
Requirements None

How to Get There

1) Go to the spell book and click on Boss Teleport.


2) Click more

3) Select Zulrah


Please note that Zulrah is instanced, you will have to teleport out and teleport back in to fight Zulrah again.

Zulrah Phases


Image Zulrah Phase Zulrah Color Attack Style Advice
0C4TlKw.png Phase 1 Green Range Avoid Clouds. Drink Antipoison.
nTvK4ZL.png Phase 2 Red Melee Move 2 squares to Avoid Damage
P3BxAbE.png Phase 3 Blue Magic Protect from Mage and be aware you can still get hit 30s

Recommended Gear

Dktl2Tx.png PJVjNzO.png

Serpentine Helm

While wearing Serpentine Helmet, it will protect you from Zulrahs long effect of venom. You will still take damage from the venom clouds, but on the next phase, you won't be affected by the venom. You CAN switch to full slayer helm on the next phase and still not be poisoned.


  • In order to create the toxic Blowpipe you have to use a chisel on a Tanzanite Fang. GuFIXRo.png
  • It takes 16,000 Zulrah's Scales to charge the Blowpipe.

Toxic Staff of the Dead

  • The Magic Fang must be used with a Staff of the Dead and then charged to be able to wield it.
  • It takes 12,000 Zulrah's scales to charge the Staff.

Unique Drops

  • You can check full drop logs of any monster by searching in your quest tab.
Item Quantity Drop Rate
VpJN5Cu.png Pet Snakeling 1 1/5,000
yC7uTHk.png Zulrah's Scales 400 - 600 1/1
ze5o78l.png Serpentine Visage 1 1/600
tybScuv.png Tanzanite Fang 1 1/600
Ci7deA5.png Magic Fang 1 1/600