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Woodcutting Training

Also Known As: Wc / Wcing
Top Woodcutting Players

Woodcutting is a gathering skill in Near-Reality that involves you chopping down trees to gain logs. Logs can be used to for Fletching experience or Firemaking experience. You can purchase your woodcutting skill cape by talking to Sam in Lumbridge.

Accessing Woodcutting

To access any and all Woodcutting areas, go to your spell book and click on Skilling Teleports. Then select woodcutting. Select which area you would like to train at and you will be automatically teleported to it. Low-level woodcutting are trees under level 60 woodcutting, whereas high-level woodcutting are trees over level 60 woodcutting.


A8GVaDK.png gvfCWbU.png



The only item required to cut wood is an axe. It is highly recommended to use the best available axe that you can as it will increase the speed you chop down trees and gain experience. Using the Inferno Axe is a great way to gain not only woodcutting experience but also Firemaking experience. The lumberjack set is also recommended for woodcutting because it gives you bonus experience. Axes can be bought at home from the Shopkeeper. Dragon Axes are dropped by Dagannoth Kings.

Image Axe Name Level Required
BuKEOEd.jpg Iron Axe 1
o6mxEk2.jpg Rune Axe 41
swG68JM.jpg Dragon Axe 61



Woodcutting areas are identified with the tree marker, such as the ones in the image on the right. To train woodcutting as efficiently as possible, it's recommended to use the empty command or to drop the logs, unless you want to save the logs for Firemaking.

QUICK NOTE: There are random events that will pop up that will require you to answer questions.

Levels 1-15 - Regular Trees


To start woodcutting, you will begin by cutting regular trees until level 15. This is under the low-level teleport.

Levels 15-30 - Oak Trees

From levels 15 to 30, it's recommended to cut oak trees. This is under the low-level teleport.

Levels 30-45 - Willow Trees

From levels 30 to 45, we recommended to cut willow trees. This is under the lower-level teleport.

Levels 45-60 - Maple Trees


From levels 45 to 60, it's recommended to cut maple trees. This is under the lower-level teleport.

Levels 60-75 - Yew Trees

From levels 60 to 75, it's recommended to cut yew trees. This is under the high-level teleport.

Levels 75-99 - Magic Trees

From level 75 to 99, we highly recommend cutting magic trees. This is under the high-level teleport.

Experience Per Log

Image Log Type Level Experience Per Log
IMpPj1o.jpg Regular 1-15 12,609
bqyBD6p.jpg Oak 15-30 16,159
u2jvwAV.png Willow 30-45 23,893
H78RPYL.png Maple 45-60 27,275
Ozxhmek.png Yew 60-75 29,038
PiIiINe.png Magic 75-99 31,488

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