Wilderness slayer

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Wilderness Slayer


The Wilderness Slayer master Krystilia can be found in northeast Edgeville.




Krystilia can also be found directly infront of the ::die teleport.



Here is a List of possible task that you can get:

Each task earns you 10 Wildy Slayer Points, with a bonus coming in at 10 task in a row, which gives 50 points.

You must kill the Assignment in the Wildy otherwise, it will not count.



Picture Item Slayer Point Cost
Saradomin%27s%20tear.png Saradomin's Tear 800
Zenyte%20shard.png Zenyte Shard 500
Legendary%20Mystery%20Box.png Legendary Mystery Box 100
Lime%20whip.png Lime Whip 2,500
Kbd%20heads.png Kbd Heads 1,500
Kq%20head.png Kq Head 1,500
Abyssal%20head.png Abyssal Head 1,500
Vorkath%27s%20head.png Vorkath's Head 1,500
Cannon%20base.png Cannon%20stand.png Cannon%20barrels.png Cannon%20furnace.png Cannon Pieces 250 each
Imbued%20guthix%20cape.png Imbued Guthix cape 200
Imbued%20saradomin%20cape.png Imbued Saradomin cape 200
Imbued%20zamorak%20cape.png Imbued Zamorak cape 200
Rune%20pouch.png Rune Pouch 140
Ring%20of%20wealth%20(i).png Ring of Wealth (I) 700