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General Information

  • To get a task, go to the teleport tab, select Skilling Teleports > Slayer > Masters.
  • Some tasks are located in the wilderness, please be cautious.
  • To access your Slayer duo settings, right click an enchanted gem.

Slayer Masters & Their Tasks

Slayer Masters & Their Tasks

Slayer Master Picture Requirements What kind of tasks are given
Mazchna kbvVunN.png All combat levels, all slayer levels Regular Tasks
Duradel SOMqCA0.png 115 Combat, 70 Slayer Regular Tasks (Harder than previous)
Kuradel Nq3XHC4.png 80 Slayer Regular Tasks
Sumona pRm5mPe.png 92 Slayer Boss tasks


Regular Tasks

Monster Name Slayer Points Location
Aberrant Spectre 3 Slayer Tower
Abyssal Demon 3 Slayer Tower
Banshee 2 Slayer Tower
Basilisk 2 Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
Black Demon 2 Taverly Dungeon
Black Dragon 2 Taverly Dungeon and ::DI
Bloodveld 2 Slayer Tower
Blue Dragon 2 Taverly Dungeon and ::DI
Bronze Dragon 2 Brimhaven Dungeon
Cave Bug 1 Lumbridge Slayer Cave
Cave Crawler 1 Lumbridge Slayer Cave
Cave Slime 2 Lumbridge Slayer Cave
Cockatrice 2 Rellekka Slayer Cave
Crawling Hand 1 Slayer Tower
Dagannoth 1 Waterbirth Island
Dark Beast 3 Slayer Tower
Desert Strykewyrm 3 Boss Teleport Tab
Dust Devil 3 ::dusties
Earth Warrior 1 Edgeville Dungeon
Experiment 1 Experiment Training Teleport
Fire Giant 1 ::train and Brimhaven Dungeon
Gargoyle 3 Slayer Tower
Greater Demon 2 Brimhaven Dungeon
Green Dragon 2 Wilderness and ::DI
Hellhound 2 Taverly Dungeon
Hill Giant 1 Hill Giant Teleport
Hobgoblin 1 ::train
Ice Strykewyrm 3 Boss Tab
Ice Warrior 1 Ice Plateau
Infernal Mage 2 Slayer Tower
Iron Dragon 2 Brimhaven Dungeon
Jellies 2 Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
Jungle Strykewyrm 2 Boss Tab
Lesser Demon 1 Taverly Dungeon
Man 1 ::train
Mithril Dragon 3 North of Ice Plateau and ::DIE
Mogre 2 ::train
Moss Giant 1 Brimhaven Dungeon
Nechryael 3 Slayer Tower
Pyrefiend 2 Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
Skeleton 1 Taverly and Varrock Dungeon
Spiritual Mage 3 ::gwd
Steel Dragon 3 Brimhaven Dungeon
Turoth 2 Rellekka Slayer Dungeon
Werewolf 1 Canfis
Zombie 1 Edgeville and Varrock Dungeon

Boss Tasks

Monster Name Slayer Points Location
Bork 16 Bossing Teleport > Bork
Chaos Elemental 16 Wilderness
Commander Zilyana 16 At ::gwd
Dagannoth Kings 16 ::dks
General Graardor 16 At ::gwd
Giant Mole 16 Wilderness
K'ril Tsutsaroth 16 At ::gwd
Kalphite Queen 16 Donator Island/ Bossing Teleport > Kalphite Queen
King Black Dragon 16 At ::kbd/ Donator Island
Kree'arra 16 At ::gwd
Nomad 16 Wilderness/ Donator Island
Tormented Demon 16 Wilderness/ Donator Island



  • Below is a list of the slayer monsters which you may get from your slayer master. Use this information to help you find your way to the monsters!

Relekka Slayer Dungeon

Use a games necklace, bought from the general store, to teleport to the dungeon!



The monsters situated within this dungeon are as followed.

Creature Picture Combat Level Slayer Level Required
Cave Crawler 41Up8n8.gif 23 10
Rockslug fBZA7kk.png 29 20
Cockatrice rwF8B4q.png 37 25
Pyrefiend u4kguJi.png 43 30
Basilisk YHEFCTU.png 61 40
Jelly TwszzGy.png 78 52
Turoth 8uLOQko.png 86 55
Kurask T3m4L1I.png 106 70

Slayer Tower

Once again, use the games necklace, or World Map > Skilling > Slayer > Slayer Tower to get to the tower!



Use the image above, and the table below to find out all about your monster!

Creature Picture Combat Level Slayer Level Required
Crawling Hand ReDmCpP.png 12 10
Banshee mPFnFS6.png 23 15
Infernal Mage N0laWty.png 66 45
Bloodveld mLDhazr.jpg 76 55
Aberrant Spectre uf2oZvH.png 96 60
Gargoyle WIxLdYK.png 111 75
Nechryael bWr5ocu.gif 115 80
Abyssal Demon cRO2iDV.png 124 85
Dark Beast 6gOjvXl.gif 182 90

Brimhaven Dungeon

To get to Brimhaven dungeon, simply type ::brim

Below is a map of the entire dungeon.


Taverly Dungeon

To get to Taverly Dungeon, do Skilling teleports - click "More" until you see Taverly Dungeon.

Below is a map of the entire dungeon


Duo Slayer

Duo Slayer

To start Duo Slayer, you must use your Slayer Gem on the player you wish to duo with. You must have the same Slayer Master and neither partner can have an assigned Slayer task to duo.

To abandon your Slayer partner, right click your Slayer Gem and select Social Slayer.


Either you or your partner can go to any of the Slayer Masters and get a task for your team. After getting a task, you can begin duo slayer!

Note: You get more Slayer Points doing solo Slayer, though duo is faster tasks!


  • The following rewards can be purchased with slayer points from the slayer points shop.
Reward Picture Cost (Slayer Points)
Slayer Gem yUAhfzD.png 1
Ring of Slaying (8) jER9HJb.png 5
Fighter Torso UZRlFL0.png 25
Ring of Wealth mdFArxG.png 200
Bonecrusher I6AnbXd.gif 350
Focus Sight L3bsZyX.png 500
Hexcrest rwvg7ku.gif 500
Slayer Helmet D2HjjmE.png 600
Other Skill Training Guides
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