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More Skill Training Guides

Below are all of the skill training guides offered on here. One of the ultimate goals of training is to get to the highest level. Following these guides will give you a good shot at one day completing each skill and eventually aiming towards the Completionist Cape. Click on the guide you want to visit and learn more about below. If you feel like any guides are missing, or would like to see one implemented, feel free to contact the Wiki Editors.

QUICK NOTE: The Ironmen section is located at the bottom of the page.
More Skill Training Guides
Skill Icon Name of Skill Difficulty
Agility.png Agility Medium
Attack.png Attack Easy
Construction.png Construction Medium
Cooking.png Cooking Easy
Crafting.png Crafting Medium
Defence icon.png Defence Easy
Farming.png Farming Medium
Firemaking.png Firemaking Easy
Fishing.png Fishing Medium
Fletching.png Fletching Easy
Herblore.png Herblore Medium
Hunter.png Hunter Medium
Magic.png Magic Easy
Mining.png Mining Medium
Prayer icon.png Prayer Medium
Ranged.png Ranged Easy
Runecrafting.png Runecrafting Medium
Slayer.png Slayer Medium
Smithing.png Smithing Medium
Strength icon.png Strength Easy
Thieving.png Thieving Medium
Woodcutting.png Woodcutting Easy
Ironmen Skilling Guides
Skill Icon Name of Skill Difficulty
Ironmen.png Ironman Hard