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Runecrafting Training

Also Known As: Rc / Rcing
Top Runecrafting Players

Runecrafting.pngRunecrafting is a skill on Near-Reality that involves a player converting rune essence to different rune types. Runecrafting allows players to craft desired runes for magic spells. Due to the constant running and banking, runecrafting can be fairly click and attention intensive. You can purchase your runecrafting skill cape by talking to Sam in Lumbridge.

Obtaining Equipment

Teleport to home. Trade the Shopkeeper and purchase Pure Essence for 30 coins each.


Getting To The Abyss

Using the Abyss is by far the best way to train Runecrafting on Near Reality. Teleport home and follow the map below. Speak to the Mage of Zamorak. If you are an E-Premium member you can type ::die and run north to the Mage.


Inside The Abyss

Once you've made it in the Abyss, you can enter your desired "Rift" you wish to runecraft in. You will see the type of rift by either looking at the rune symbol or by right clicking the rift. The map to the right will show where each portal is to each type of rune.



Experience & Level Requirements

Rune Type Level Image Experience
Air 1 ybp6nOW.png 120
Mind 2 Mind%20rune.png 140
Water 5 1udtZSh.png 150
Earth 9 IyuUCOg.png 170
Fire 14 D58qqSt.png 210
Body 20 eHouE9F.png 245
Cosmic 27 9bnm8tc.png 350
Chaos 35 BxoRyJG.png 450
Nature 44 tAdvfdB.png 510
Law 54 8YLls01.png 712
Death 65 phqO84t.png 957
Blood 77 28s4Glu.png 1,390
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