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Money making is the number one objective for most new and seasoned players. This guide will show you multiple money making methods, for new players as well as long time members.

Methods of Money Making


Unlike other servers, skilling on Near Reality is a great way to make money due to the cash you receive while doing them. The following are the best skills to make money from:


Stealing gems from the stall in Ardougne gives you the gem (which can be sold to the general store or other players) and a pile of cash. Requires 75 thieving. Click here for a more in depth thieving guide: Thieving



By catching the fish you are attempting to get, you will capture the fish as well as receive a pile of cash. The best fish to catch are Rocktails because they are in high demand by PKers and you receive the most gold for catching them. Cash amounts and locations of fish can be found here: Fishing

Note: Rocktails can be fished noted in the wilderness. A viable way to avoid PKers is to vote for the set level command and use it to become combat level 1.


Special Teleports > Varrock Dragons > Run North to level 36



By mining an ore you will also receive a pile of cash. The best ore to mine is Runite Ore because it offers the most cash per ore mined. Cash amounts and locations of ore can be found here: Mining



By cutting trees you will receive a log as well as a pile of cash. The best tree to cut is the Magic Tree because it offers the most cash per log cut. Cash amounts and locations of trees can be found here: Woodcutting



Voting is one of the most consistent methods of gold income. The vote reward store offers many items and boosts; however, if you are after cash, you can use your vote points to claim tokens (1 token = 2.5m). The reward in the vote shop gives 15m (6 tokens) for 1 vote point.


A full voting and reward guide is located here: Voting.


Hobgoblins are found at ::train. These monsters usually drop noted limproots, which can be sold to the general store in Edgeville, and piles of cash.

For a full list of Hobgoblin drops and drop rates click Here.



Barrows is yet another great money making method because of the armor and weapon pieces they drop. To find out how to get to barrows and a complete guide, click here: Barrows.



Barrows NPCs can also be located at ::di


For Dharok the Wretched drops, click: Dharok Drops.

For Verac the Defiled drops, click: Verac Drops.

For Ahrim the Blighted drops, click: Ahrim Drops.

For Torag the Corrupted drops, click: Torag Drops.

For Guthan the Infested drops, click: Guthan Drops.

For Karil the Tainted drops, click: Karil Drops.


A great long term money making method is slayer.

For a full slayer and reward guide, click Slayer.

For locations of slayer tasks, click Slayer tasks.


PvM, or Player vs Monster is a great money making method; however, it requires lots of patience because drops are often rare. In PvM, the player either solos a boss or works together with a group to kill one.

When working with a group, it is essential to make a clan chat so loot share can be turned on. It is also up to the person who gets the best drop to decide if he/she wants to split it.

For a full list of Bosses, locations, and drops, click Bosses.


Merchanting, or Merching, is a money making method that takes time and patience. In merching, you are buying an item for below actual price, and selling for above, and repeating this process. Here is a quick scenario of how a player would merchant a dragon kite shield.

Let's say the price of a Dragon Kite shield is 15b.

  1) Player A broadcasts that he is buying a Dragon Kite shield for 10b.
  2) Player B sells Dragon Kite shield to Player A for 10b.
  3) Player C is looking to buy a Dragon Kite shield.
  4) Player A then sells the Dragon kite shield to Player C for 20b, making 10b profit.
  5) Player A repeats this process until he can Merchant a high quantity of items.

For an up to date Player price guide, click Here.



Staking is the best money making methods because it is a high risk high reward method. The following is how Player A would stake.

Let's say Player A has 30b he wants to stake

  1) Player A broadcasts that he is staking 30b and what style he is staking.
  2) Player B duels Player A.  Player A accepts.
  3) Player A and Player B both put up amount of stake (30b).  

  4) The rules are set, checked, and both staking screens are confirmed.
  5) It is now all up to luck who wins.

For a full guide on the duel arena and staking methods, click Duel Arena.


Dicing is another form of gambling and is also a high risk high reward money making method like staking.

Players can participate in dicing by talking to Waydar the dicing NPC located at the south entrance of Falador park. A quick way to get to Waydar is typing ::trade.

Waydar hosts two types of dicing games; 55x2 and 80x3. These can allow a player to either double or triple their money, depending if the number rolled is higher than 55/80 (Depending on the game chosen). However, if the number is lower than 55/80 (Depending on the game chosen) they will lose their bet.

Alternatively, players can host dicing by purchasing a dicing bag from the donator store for 1,000 credits.

For an in-depth dicing guide, click here: Dicing.

Player Killing

Player killing is also a great money making method. When you kill another player, you receive the items that they are not protecting, as well as a set amount of PkP (depending where you are PKing) and occasionally a Artifact drop, PvP drop, and/or a pile of cash.

PkP can be spent at PK Reward shops to buy more/better PK items.

High Risk PKing is somewhat like staking; however it requires more skill and less luck than it. In High Risk PKing, two players fight each other while risking a significant amount of wealth. The wealth is usually in terms of armor and weapons causing them to be better and therefor the hits are higher and so is the skill required.

For an in-depth Player Killing Guide, click Player Killing