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What is a Middleman

  • Middle-manning is a process that involves using a trusted source to over-see transactions.
  • The most common situation in which a middleman is utilized is when trading pins such as Premium, E-Premium, and Drop Rate Pins.
  • A staff member middleman is crucial to the transaction as you cannot directly send a pin to another player.
  • Staff members WILL NOT middleman RSGP for IRL transaction. You do this at your own risk!
  • If you do not use a Middle-Man then you may be vulnerable to scams. Near Reality is not responsible if you do not use a Middle-Man and are scammed.

Important Reminders

  • Respected Premium and Wiki Team members are NOT middlemen, the only official middlemen are staff members.
  • Staff members are completely trusted. They are the ones to go to for a Middleman trade. You can trust staff members to hold your the items or pins for the duration of the trade.
  • Staff member's forum names ALWAYS match their in game names.
  • Both players need to get their deal ready before PMing a staff member requesting a middleman!
  • Remember to leave the area after the middleman is done.
  • Staff are required to charge a 10% fee for middlemanning RSGP trades. This is a small compensation for the time that they spend helping players trade safely!

The Process

  • Do NOT constantly bother staff members to Middle-Man for you. One private message should be enough. If a staff member does not respond, then they are probably currently in a trade and you will have to be patient.

1. Firstly, you will need to PM an available staff member to Middle-Man for you.

2. The staff member will either teleport you somewhere or come up with a meeting point.

3. For the Middle-Mans sake, make sure the buyer\seller is all ready and a price is already discussed.

4. Usually the Middle-Man will confirm the amount you two agreed on.

5. The Middle-Man will then request you trade him/her the pin.