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The Lottery is a random drawing system in Near-Reality that rewards players for entering with a large amount of cash. It is a gambling game in which requires players to enter money upfront in hopes of winning more. Only three players win each lottery game.

How to Enter the Lottery

To enter the lottery, teleport home and speak to the Yellow Fortune Director. Select the option that you would like to enter the lottery and a prompt will appear asking you how many entries you would like to buy. Each entry costs 5m coins. Enter in how many entries you want and hit enter. To see how many current entries you have or to see what the current pot is, just speak to the Yellow Fortune Director again.


Basic & Quick Information

  • It costs 5m coins to enter the lottery.
  • 80% of the money goes to the pot.
  • Once the pot reaches 2,000,000,000 coins (2B), a winner will be drawn.
  • You can buy as many tickets as you want.

Winning the Lottery

Congrats! You've won the lottery. Now what? To claim your winnings, teleport home and talk to the Yellow Fortune Director again. Select the option "Claim My Winnings" and you will be given your reward. If you didn't win, good luck next time! There will be an updated pot amount with the previous winners at top of the forums as well.