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Ironman General Information

  • Ironmen are able to vote and donate for items.
  • Ironmen are limited to a small number of shops.
  • Ironmen is a game mode on Near Reality where you cannot trade, stake, scavenge dropped items, or receive drops from pking other than PvP Drops.
  • Hardcore Ironmen cannot use banks other than to note and un-note items.

Ironman Styles

  • There are two kinds of ironman game modes in Near Reality; Standard and Hardcore.

You can Pick this via the game mode selection upon creating a new character


Ironman Shops

Ironmen can use all shops but some have a reduced number of available items - Such as the general store as seen below:


Removing Ironman

  • If you choose to remove your ironman status on your account, you can never put it back on.
  • You can downgrade from Hardcore ironman to standard ironman.

To access those options, teleport home and run Northeast.


Talk to the Security Guard.


He will ask you what you'd like to do. Click on the option you are trying to complete.


Tips from Players

  • Ironman can't change their ingame title even after redeeming it.
  • Get barrows gloves from the PKP Reward Shop, as a drop from Barrows or from the shop on Donator Island
  • Ironmen can Vote for double exp for 3 hours, and will gain access to the Vote Store
  • Slayer is a great way to start your ironman journey.
  • If you have a Draconic Visage, but not 90+ smithing, you can talk to Oziach in the small hut North-West of Edgeville and he will combine visage + anti dragon shield for you at the cost of 1.2M coins.
  • Bork is a good starter boss as he drops Statius armor and you only need Protect from Melee
  • Frost Dragon Bones are easily obtainable via clue scrolls.


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