Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

[Collapse]How Do I Play Near Reality?

You can start playing Near Reality by clicking here.

[Collapse]Who's The Owner of Near Reality?

Mod Jacmob is the owner of Near Reality.

[Collapse]How Do I Contact A Staff Member?

You can contact any staff member by private messaging them here, or message them ingame using ::staff.

[Collapse]How Do I Vote For Near Reality?

You can vote by clicking here.

If you do not know how to vote, please click here!

[Collapse]How Do I Donate to Near Reality?

You can find all information about donating here.

[Collapse]How Do I Keep My Account Safe?

You can keep your account safe by viewing this important page!

[Collapse]How Do I Become A Staff Member?

You can put in an application here.

[Collapse]How Do I Keep Up With Near Reality News?

You can keep up with what's going on in Near Reality by click here.

[Collapse]I Forgot My Password! What Do I Do?

You can recover your password by clicking here.

[Collapse]How Can I Make Money On Near Reality?

Check out our money making guide here!

[Collapse]How Do I Report A Player?

Please click here to do so. Make sure to follow the correct format!

[Collapse]How Do I Appeal My Punishment?

Please click here to do so. Make sure to follow the correct format!

[Collapse]Where Do I Report A Bug?

Please click here to do so! Make sure to use the correct format!

[Collapse]What Are The Benefits Of Donating?

The benefits of donating can be found here!

[Collapse]Where Can I Find The Near Reality Shops?

All ingame shops are located at either ::Home or ::Shops

[Collapse]Where Can I Get Help With My Clue Scrolls?

Please check out our guide here or here for every clue scroll and their location.

[Collapse]Where Can I Change My SpellBook?

Altars are at home, donator island and other common teleport locations to switch your spellbooks. Pray at the ancient altar to change to ancients or normal, and the regular altar to change to lunar or normal.

[Collapse]What Commands Do I Have?

To see a list of commands you can either type ::commands in game, or view a list here.

[Collapse]How Do I Set A Bank Pin?

Please refer to this page to figure out how to set up a bank pin!

[Collapse]Where Can I Find My Character Information?

You can find your character information by clicking on the Quest Tab.

[Collapse]I'm Having Trouble Logging Onto Near Reality!

If you're having trouble logging into Near Reality, please make a help thread and people will assist you!

Didn't find what you were looking for?

If you need any assistance or have a question, please post here.

Need to contact a Staff Member? Please click here.