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  • A knife can be found at home sold by the Shopkeeper for 63 coins. 3OHuLqn.png
  • Bowstrings can be found at home sold by the Shopkeeper for 5,611 coins. sOrGdOW.png
  • Bowstrings can also be made by spinning flax. Flax can be found in the flax field in camelot. For a fast teleport there, click the skilling tp in your magic book then choose 'crafting'. You will also gain crafting xp by making your own bowstring.

Obtaining Logs

  • There are different ways to go about acquiring your logs for Fletching.
  • You can buy your logs from other players in game.
  • You can buy your logs on the forums under the buying section.
  • You can acquire your logs yourself by Woodcutting
  • For all tree locations, please click here.
  • You can acquire logs from killing monsters

Fletching Logs

1). Use your knife on the desired log.


2). A window like this will appear. Choose the item you wish to make.


Stringing Bows

  • Use your unstrung bows (u) on bowstrings.


Experience Rates

Item Levels Experience
LIVGyJG.png Arrow Shafts 1-5 232
RZI0J4o.png Short Bows 5-10 724
sS1YWQk.png Long Bows 10-20 1,086
U5f1vvJ.png Oak Short Bows 20-25 1,956
iKRQXEE.png Oak Long Bows 25-35 2,536
M5EOiW1.png Willow Short Bows 35-40 4,276
kzVs3eQ.png Willow Long Bows 40-50 4,494
nFd0hLh.png Maple Short Bows 50-55 6,596
GyWAfUf.png Maple Long Bows 55-65 7,104
nwIDSeJ.png Yew Short Bows 65-70 10,730
vnhi81M.png Yew Long Bows 70-80 11,962
gWN9yPO.png Magic Short Bows 80-85 15,442
kbCsa5h.png Magic Long Bows 85-99 16,530


When you achieve level 99 you may buy yourself a Skillcape for 99k.

1.) Teleport Lumbridge

2.) Trade Sam


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