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Also Known As: Cook
Top Cooking Players

Cooking is a skill that allows the players to cook food which can be eaten. This skill also go hand-in-hand with Fishing skill, as the player gets fish they are able to cook them with a store/ranger. The player would also be able to use an axe and tinderbox to make a fire to cook the fish on. By leveling the player will be able to cook more profitable foods such as swordfish, monkfish, and shark. When cooked the player will be able to eat them to gain Hitpoints back if they have lost any.

Cooking Locations

There are three main spots that players use to cook in Near-Reality. Players want to be able to cook next to a bank as it maximizes their experience and is quicker. All three locations are found below.

Fishing Teleport

Simply go to your spell book and click on the skilling teleports. Click on the fishing option. Run south to the house with the cooking symbol on the mini map.




Home Teleport

Teleport home and run to the house to the west and cook at the stove. You can use the bank to the east to bank.



Teleport to Camelot via the city teleports. Follow the road south east towards Catherby. Use the range to the East of the bank to cook your materials.


Cooking Experience

Fish Fish Picture Level Experience
Shrimp fycRX9O.png 1 1,610
Anchovies 3eXq0lw.png 1 2,086
Sardine dftdhvZ.png 5 2,226
Herring OXX1bPC.png 10 2,520
Tuna 4LMHBfd.png 30 6,090
Karambwan Qw0mfD5.png 30 6,160
Lobster BLTKjMw.png 40 9,114
Swordfish QZ2NO2O.png 45 16,239
Monkfish T4DZiZB.gif 62 18,732
Shark I08p5iN.png 80 25,368
Cavefish hV5LxRY.png 85 26,600
Rocktail X4NARC1.png 99 45,533
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