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Construction Training



Construction is a skill that allows the players to be able to build their very own house. A player can open their house to other players, allowing them to come in and see what they have made. Players can design their house by arranging various rooms and then filling them with furniture specific to the type of room that has been built. As players achieve a higher construction level, they unlock a variety of different rooms which they can build within their house, alongside new furniture used to decorate these rooms. The higher construction level a player has allows them to create more room within their house.

Construction is generally the most expensive skill to train because of the materials for building the furniture to gain XP.


1). Locate your spellbook and click teleport home, if not already home.


2). The home portal is located in the north-west corner next to the general store.


Purchasing a house

To get started, players must buy a house. This can be done by talking to the Estate Agent just outside of the house portal. The house will cost 25m to buy.


Travelling to house portals

The most basic way of getting to your house would be walking there. Once 40 magic, players are able to use the spell teleport to directly to their house.

Entering the portal


By clicking the portal, players will be sent to their own house with a loading screen saying "there's no place like home".

To be able to enter your own house in building mode and to be able to add rooms and start training the skill you would need to right-click and pick building mode before entering. This is the same if you're looking at joining a friends house but you are not going to be able to add or remove anything in their houses. The player that you are trying join must be in their house for you to be able to join them.

House style

There are not currently any house styles in the game. The wiki team doesn't know if this will be updated any time soon, but if anything changes this page will be updated.

Building a house

By default, the house doesn't have any rooms built. All you have is the portal and the ground level.

Building mode

In order to begin to start customising your house to gain XP you must enter your house in building mode or by turning building mode on in the settings. You are able to drop items in your house while in building mode but there is a chance that they can be lost. If items are on the floor when you are leaving they will be lost forever.

Adding new rooms

Whilst in building mode, players will be able to see white doors which they are able to build from. Right-clicking on these doors and selecting build will allow the player to see a menu with all of the rooms that are able to be built in their house. The player will also see that there's a level requirement and the price required to be able to add the room to their house. When the player has selected the room they would like to add they will see a ghost version of the room in which they are able to rotate the room around. The player is not able to add another room in the same location without removing the first one.

Removing rooms

To be able to remove rooms you will need to right-click on the door and select the build option whilst in building mode which will give you the option to rotate the rooms or remove them. You can't remove any room that is supporting another room above it. This rule does not apply to dungeon rooms in the underground level.

By removing rooms nothing is gained. If you destroy items in the rooms like a statue, you would have to rebuild it from the beginning.


There are 25 different rooms that players are able to add to their house. Different rooms have different Construction level requirements and cost.

Icon Room Cost to build level
TlqP7zB.png Parlour 1m 1
9O27b3f.png Garden 5m 1
zmLV8Z1.png kitchen 5m 5
IC5aZsS.png Dining room 10m 10
gsHTi3D.png Workshop 10m 15
3nydd4D.png Bedroom 15m 20
71HT7Ko.png Hall - skill 15m 25
2RKE4ZC.png Game room 20m 30
f2dJSvs.png Combat room 25m 32
rvaUpE9.png Hall - quest 30m 35
vTHt5En.png Menagarie 40m 37
8dsonCC.png Study 30m 40
BfJUFlh.png Costume room 30m 42
M3px5NB.png Chapel 30m 45
XSL4ezN.png Portal chamber 40m 50
lAOBEtq.png Formal garden 40m 55
WDVMyJq.png Throne room 100m 60
mRQH2wj.png Oubliette 100m 65
bzFq1OG.png Superior garden 50m 65
qeKfSPk.png Dungeon - corridor 1m 70
qeKfSPk.png Dungeon - junction 1m 70
71HT7Ko.png dungeon - Stairs 1m 70
2lbMeWS.png dungeon - pit 5m 70
2lbMeWS.png Treasure room 200m 75
wcksO86.png Achievement gallery 175m 80

Building materials


Planks are mostly required for furniture that players are able to build in their house. Planks are tradeable so players are able to sell them to players for a profit. For players to be able to make their own planks they will need to have coins and logs relevant to the intended plank. Logs can be changed into planks by talking to the sawmill operator located outside of the house portal at Edgeville. Players can also obtain planks from various different monster drops. Each monster has a different drop rate for the planks so check all monsters before spending the time killing them.

Icon Plank type Cost
8D6kUqz.png wood 15k
3IX0JJc.png Oak 30k
NL4VmCa.png Teak 75k
DFuXqCU.png Mahogany 125k


Some items in your house will require blocks or gold leaf's to be able to make them for example an Altar needs to have marble blocks to be made with. These items can be acquired from drops and also be bought from the Construction shop just outside of house portal. To open the shop you will need to talk to the sawmill operator.

Icon Item Cost
DyS9tvt.png Limestone brick 20k
mRj5NvW.png Marble block 15m
WhxlLaU.png Gold leaf 30m
GTGg7Cd.png Magic stone 120m

Bagged plants

The sawmill operator sells all of the bagged plants which can be found outside player own house portal. These can be used to decorate your Garden.

Icon Plant Cost Location
ojvwlIy.png Bagged dead tree 100k Garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged nice tree 200k Garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged Oak tree 500k Garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged Willow tree 1m Garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged Maple tree 2m Garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged Yew tree 4m Garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged Magic tree 10m Garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged plant 1 250k Garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged plant 2 500k Garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged plant 3 1m Garden
ojvwlIy.png Thorny hedge 500k Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Nice Hedge 1m Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Small box hedge 10m Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Topiary hedge 20m Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Fancy hedge 50m Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Tall fancy hedge 15m Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged flower 1m Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged Daffodils 1m Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged bluebells 1m Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged sunflower 1m Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged marigolds 1m Formal garden
ojvwlIy.png Bagged roses 1m Formal garden


When you have achieved 99 in this skill you are able to purchase the construction cape from Sam in Lumbridge.

1). In your spell book, you will click on city teleports.


2). Out of the options it is the 3rd one for Lumbridge where you will find Sam.


Cape stat's and look.



1) Make steel nails using 1 Iron Ore 2 Coals (You don't need any nails at all)

2) Make Planks using Regular and Oak logs by right-clicking the Sawmill Operator by the portal at ::home

3) Buy a house with the Real Estate Agent, right-click the portal, and click "build mode".

4) Build a Parlour Room


5) Level 1-50 Right-click the chair, build a chair, right click chair again, remove the chair.

Repeat this until you get to a high enough level to build tables in a dining room.


Once you reach a high enough level to build Teak furniture I suggest either buying Teak logs off of other players or killing Jungle Strykewyrms for them (They have a 1/128 chance of dropping 700 teak logs) It took me 2,000 Teak logs or less to get to 99.


You can chop Mahogany Trees by Training teleports > Jungle Strykewyrms and running South-East until you see some tree inside a fence.


6) Level 46-64-82-99 Create a "Costume Room" and make Armour cases until 99.



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