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Near Reality is one of the most popular servers out right now. We hope that you stop by and try some of our new features such as Hardcore & Normal Ironman Mode, Duo Slayer, or even our robust Achievement system. We have plenty of bosses to keep you challenged and tons of rewards to fill your pockets both in-game and in real life. That's right, we're one of very few servers that let you cash out!


  • Huge Playerbase | 200+ online everyday
  • Dedicated and Very Experienced Developers
  • No Lag Servers
  • 100% Functioning Iron Man mode with crowns
  • Both Ironman Modes
  • Stable Economy
  • Popular Staking Community & Duel Arena | No Dupes
  • Integrated Website | Account Controls
  • Wilderness Bosses | Runescape Bosses & a MASSIVE PKing Community
  • Well Developed Wikipeda
  • Monster & Item Database Pages
  • Completionist Cape & Max Cape
  • Working Minigames
  • Duo Slayer
  • Achievements System with over 70 tasks to complete
  • Robust Voting System with intense rewards
  • Proper Game Store
  • Flawless Clan Chat
  • Google Authenticated Player Guardian Protection
  • Boss Pets