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About Us


Near-Reality has been around for over 10 years now and is looking to bring constant updates and fun content to the community. We strive to provide a great gaming experience to all of our players. The wiki is here for the players to learn more about the game as well as assist them in their Near-Reality experience. Check out some of our features below!


  • Growing playerbase
  • Dedicated and experienced developers
  • No lag servers
  • Fully functioning Ironman mode
  • Stable economy
  • PVP tournaments
  • Elo system
  • Popular staking community & duel arena
  • Integrated websites with account controls
  • Wilderness bosses
  • Revamped drop rates
  • Month community awards
  • Growing pking community
  • Well developed wikipedia
  • Bestiary and equipment databases
  • Completionist & Max cape
  • Working minigames
  • Duo slayer
  • Achievement systems with tasks
  • Voting system with great rewards
  • Easy functioning game store
  • Working clan chat
  • Google authenticated player protection
  • Boss pets
  • Fully working hiscores